President's Page
February, 2018

Wow! What a winter. We have had some of the coldest days and some of the warmest days that I can remember. Had a lot of things I wanted to do this winter in the garage, but, too cold to venture across the parking lot, turn the heat on and wait for the cold metal (or fiberglass) to warm to the touch so I feel comfortable working on them.  The good news is, only a couple weeks until the time changes, and we start thinking about cruising to Leonardtown Center on Wednesday evenings. 

Preparations for the 33rd Annual Spring Fling car show are underway. Leonardtown has installed a new sound system, so I’m hoping our sound glitches are gone. As always, I’m asking for everyone’s help to make our show another success. The task becomes so much easier if the whole Club helps.
As always I’m looking forward to attending car events in our local area and some long distance ones. It will be a interesting year for me as I will only be working full time through June and transitioning to part time through the rest of the year to full retirement. I'm working on the bucket list (and Judy’s working on the honey-do list) for next year. I’m looking forward to being able to getting things done during the week and having all the weekends for free time. Go ahead, I know some of you will say it never happens that way, but that’s the plan.

Let’s all hope for good weather for all the car shows this season, and I look forward to spending some time with all the Car Crazies out there.

Bill Higgs, President